Google comes up with Youtube Analytics

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Google is considered to be a market leader in internet enables services sector. The latest news that is making headlines is that it has launched Youtube Analytics, which will replace the much older application ‘Insight’. Youtube Insight is considered to be a self-service reporting and analysis tool that provides the users with a Youtube account to access the information on the audiences who viewed that videos that you have uploaded.

Google comes up with Youtube Analytics

Now the users might wonder about the key differences of Youtube Analytics from Youtube Insight.

  • Youtube Analytics makes use of a new overview section

  • Enables users with easier access of detailed information

  • More detailed reports

  • Audience Builders and Audience Retention dashboards

More Detailed Reports

This feature makes use of detailed statistics in order to enhance the users with a clear and accurate understanding of the specific contents and audiences.

Audience Builders

Users can have a look at the videos that are generating more viewers as well as subscriptions.

Audience Retention

This can be considered as a specific feature that gives the users a brief view of how long the users are watching your video.

Google comes up with Youtube Analytics

Summary Report

The performance level reports as well as metrics of You Tube videos are represented in the summary format. Once the user clicks each option, he/she will be taken to the specific summary report.

Data Filter

  • The tool will be displayed at the top of every report

  • It helps in the unification of all reports

  • Data can be filtered by Geography, Content as well as Date

Line Chart

  • Provides the users with the metrics distribution over a specific date range

  • Addition of Date Granularity

  • Metric comparison

Interactive Map

  • Data for a particular country can be identified by clicking on the particular country in the map with the help of a mouse

  • Outlines the geographic distribution of the metrics up to a certain specified date range

Google comes up with Youtube Analytics

Some of the most common features that were present in Youtube Insight include the following;

  • Views & Popularity

  • Discovery

  • Demographics

  • Audience Attention

  • Community Engagement

Youtube Insight is considered to be the tool that helped in the aggregation of data from all videos for a particular channel as well as viewing data for a specific video. The Youtube Track Overview feature that was present in Youtube Insight helps the users in analyzing their marketing efforts in optimizing the campaigns.

With the introduction of Youtube Analytics with improvised features than Youtube Insight, Youtube Analytics is sure to achieve more popularity than Youtube Insight.

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