Google Doodles London Olympics 2012 table tennis

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Google Doodles London Olympics 2012 table tennis

With each passing day of the modern Olympics Games event, Google is demonstrating exciting Doodles dedicated to each and every sport. Relatively, today, the theme for the Doodle was table tennis. The London 2012 table tennis features two players playing the game – a left handed player and a right handed player.

The letters in the official Google logo, except for the second 'O' are written on the net, which divides the table. The second 'O' is shown by the table tennis bat held by the left handed player.

The London 2012 Table Tennis Doodle is the third doodle dedicated to this discipline. The first table tennis Doodle was posted during Athens Olympics 2004 and the second one was posted during Beijing Olympics 2008.

The table tennis events will be held from July 28, 2012 to August 8, 2012. The other names of the sport are Whiff Waff, Flim Flam and Ping Pong. There will be four table tennis events such as men's and women's Singles, men's and women's Team.

Starting July 27, 2012, the Internet firm has posted seven Doodles indicating different disciplines like Fencing, Diving, Archery, Artistic Gymnastics, Hockey and Table Tennis. It started the Doodle tradition with the Opening Ceremony Doodle on Friday. Google posted Doodles everyday of the Olympics 2008 held in Beijing.

Hence, we can expect Doodles on everyday of the Games event till August 12, 2012.


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