Google doodles spring season

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Google doodles spring season

March 20th indicates the arrival of spring season exclusively for the northern hemisphere. This date is referred to as the spring equinox or vernal in the northern half of the world. It also indicates the fall or the autumnal equinox for the southern hemisphere.

Google has posted the spring equinox doodle for 2012 in the homepages of North America and European countries. It is not on the homepage of India as the arrival of spring is some other date in the country.

It is commonly said that on the day of equinox, the day and night are of equal lengths. This may not be true for all the locations. Equinox will occur twice in a year while the sun crosses the plant of the earth's equator.

Marimekko, a textile and clothing design company based in Finland has designed the spring equinox doodle of Google. Eight Finnish designers have combined and created the change of season doodle for Google.

This doodle has the feel of the playfulness that a school kid will have. It includes a zebra, a loaded truck, a stork, butterflies and flowers. As per the records, the Google doodle today in the European and North American countries is the 1337th doodle. The first one was created in 1998.

Indian users cannot have a look at the doodle from our Google homepage. To take a look at it you can open the Google UK homepage. The users are welcome to the search engine site with colorful images.

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