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Google is now throwing a new exciting feature at the members of its social network, Google+ launched some months back and now growing at a great pace. In this new feature, the members can find themselves in those photos that are posted by friends. Find My Face is the new feature is will be added to Google+ in some days and this is an opt-in feature for which the users will have to make a point so as to utilize it.

The reason behind making this feature optional and letting the users to activate it as per their wish is an attempt by Google to sidestep the privacy concerns that were raised when Facebook, the rival of Google+ added a facial recognition option.

As per the Team Engineer, Matt Steiner if this Find My Face feature is turned active, then Google+ will prompt the users to tag the faces that are known when they are in the photos. The users will have the control over which tags they accept and the ones that they reject. This feature is expected to make the process of tagging friends pretty easy.

Google remains resolute in the bid of creating a flourishing online community that will go along with the social networking leader, Facebook. The firms services and products will be woven into a fast growing social network, Google+ in order to make it irresistible as per the executives' statement in an internet conference that was held some time back.

The Vice President of Google+ said that their social network is in an enviable position among the rest and that they have all those who come to Google. Google+ has over 40 million users since its launch to public in the month of September 2011. Despite this growth, it still has to climb up a large hill to reach the 800 million user count of Facebook.

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