Google+ is a boon for small businesses

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Google+ is a boon for small businesses


Google+, the emerging social network that was launched in the second quarter of the year is definitely a boon for the big brands but how far is it efficient for the small businesses?

In November, Google+ announced the brand pages feature thereby allowing the brands and businesses to join the social network. Right since this feature was launched, lot of big brands like Macy's, Toyota and Pepsi have gone to the bandwagon of Google+ creating another hub page for those content hungry fans out there.

A group of small business when questioned about the usage of Google+, came up with the importance of the social platform and that it was developed by the most favorite internet brand of India, Google and that it is one of the influential websites for the site referrals. We present to you the top reasons for using Google+.

1. Get an SEO Boost: Small businesses join Google+ as they rely on the Google's search referrals for the sales conversions. They feel that it is a great manner to get free promotions from the users who like the products to those who are interested in the same.

2. Host a Hangout: Hangouts offer amazing opportunity for the businesses in engaging a personal way for the clients, thought leaders of industry and customers. It will help the employees in the remote locations to conduct team meetings and also help them to share most information like spreadsheets and documents.

3. Expand Content Distribution: Google+ is an excellent platform for expanding the content distribution of the publication. They feel that Google+ is easier for them to reach the users when compared to using Facebook, that takes a long time.

4. Connect with Early Adopters: Google+ is very useful if the business falls in the sectors of technology or internet as it can connect to a large group of tech-savvy users. The users in Google+ are considered to be the early adopters of the recent technology and the marketing channels as well.

5. Segment Your Audience: The main benefit of using Google+ is that the network allows the companies to share certain content with certain audiences and thereby makes it easy for the small businesses to segment the audiences and also to share the content directly to those follower groups.

6. Use Google+ to Network: It does not mean that the businesses must have their own Google+ page as some of them even use their personal account page to network as well as contact the data and research the contacts like the potential clients and journalists to create a better connection.

7. Just Explore: Some businesses use Google+ for the exploratory purposes. They claim that it is a niche platform that is growing rapidly with a giant to back it. Google+ becomes very important when users combine the social and the search sites together.

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