Google Restyles Mobile Site Homepage with New Slide-out Navigation Bar

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Google Restyles Mobile Site Homepage with New Slide-out Navigation Bar

A hiding side bar is not something new for mobile users. It is there on Facebook and Spotify mobile apps. However, it seems that Google has taken a clue out of it and made the Google home page look sleeker on mobile screens.

They have introduced a hiding side bar which can be unlocked by clicking on a ‘three line icon’ which you can see on the top bar. As per Google tweet this feature would be available now onwards and they expect this feature to give users more space while working with Google pages and app on mobile devices. 

The sidebar which will remain hidden once the mobile home page is launched will have all google tools lined up in a column. Once you click or tap the ‘three line icon’ on upper left corner this side bar will get displayed. This side bar will have links to all google apps like

  • Google+

  • YouTube

  • Maps,

  • Images

  • Search,

  • News,

  • Gmail,

  • Drive, etc

The sidebar is designed as a collapsible one where you can see a button at the bottom of the sidebar saying ‘all products’. Once you click this button the whole list of Google products will get displayed.

In addition to this new sliding side bar, Google+ users can see latest notifications from their Google+ account as well as a share button on top portion of the mobile home page. With these modifications, Google home page looks sleek and elegant. Mobile user experience just gets better with such minor but well conceived tweaks to the home page layout and tool bar placement.

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