Google to provide do not track option

Posted By: Rahul

Google to provide do not track option

Google has decided to add the “Do-Not-Track” button to it's Chrome browser with immediate effect. This move from Google comes amidst criticism that Google sneaked into Safari & the Internet Explorer Web Browsers & kept a tab on the user data. The Do Not Track option reportedly does not allow  companies to monitor user data to create advertisements based on this data.

Mozilla has already added the Do Not Track button to it's Firefox browsers & similarly other companies such as Microsoft & Apple have also added the Do Not Track option to their respective browsers. According to Google, by making use of this option, users are benefited by enhanced privacy.

This move by Google also comes at a time when the American president Barrack Obama has planned on a “Privacy Bill Of Rights” which offers internet users more control over their stored & shared data. Internet experts have stated that in-spite of the Do Not Track button implementation being a positive move, this will not curtail advertisers who have to themselves opt out of tracking. This can be done with the help of a virtual off-switch within advertisements.

Thus, we can say that strict rules & regulations on advertising seem to be the immediate requirement as of now. In addition to this , a separate & uniform Privacy policy is also required to ensure online users' privacy.

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