Google's International Women's Day doodle

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Google's International Women's Day doodle

The users of Google from India should be excused if they get confused and mistake the International Women's Day doodle to be the one for Holi. The doodle for Women's Day is so colorful that it gives the feel of Holi. The colors in the Google logo today are synced with the colors in the official Google logo such as blue, red, green and yellow.

The blue color has a slight purplish tinge in the doodle of the 101st anniversary of the International Women's Day. In the logo, the first 'G' represents the Venus symbol while the second 'o' represents a yellow flower. The red rounds in the places of the first 'o' and 'e' at the last represent the symbol of bindi that is related with Indian women.

Previously, Google has doodled the occasion four times of which 2005 was first then it did consecutively from 2009 to 2011. In March 18, 1911, the International Women's day was celebrated in four different European countries namely, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. United Nations in 1975, started to support and sponsor the event officially and it was in this year when the occasion got the name International Women's Day.

Google doodled Holi in past couple of years and so this year also it raised lot of expectations among the users. The first one appeared in the year 2001 on the Google homepage.

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