Google's origami doodle

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Google's origami doodle

Today, Google welcomes its users with a doodle of the origami theme on its homepage in order to mark Akira Yoshizawa's 101st birthday. He was born on March 14th 1911 in Japan. Yoshizawa is known as the grandmaster of the art of paper folding dubbed origami.

Yoshizawa has made origami from being a craft to living art and he is accounted to have created over 50,000 models. He is well known for the innovative folding techniques. He was promoted to be a technical draftsman in his early 20s and he made use of the skill that he possessed from his childhood, origami as a tool to teach basic geometry to the employees.

His works have been exhibited across the world and he published over dozens of books based on the art form. He passed away in March 2005 in Tokyo due to illness caused by pneumonia.

The Google doodle today in the homepage of the search engine appears like folded paper with origami butterfiles. This doodle was created by Robert Lang a visitor to the search results page of Google for Akira Yoshizawa.

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