Google's Services Struggling to Reach Chinese Audience

Google's Services Struggling to Reach Chinese Audience

Many Chinese users were deprived off Google"s services on last Friday as Google suddenly went offline. Reportedly it was believed to be due to the change of guard that is happening in the Chinese government leadership. However, that turned out to be baseless as the Google services got online again within 12 hours. Users could not even access Gmail services, which created much confusion and fuss.


There has been no official statement explaining why Google services went offline on Friday. However, this is not the first time that such an incident happened in China and with Google.


Their services got suspended earlier also. This sudden scrap off of Google services and resumption was reported in both ComputerWorld and Bloomberg. There was a sudden dip in network traffic on Friday as Google went dark in China. Similarly there was an observable increase in traffic when the services got restored reflecting the search engine"s services popularity in China. Knowing the Chinese way of doing internet censorship, this development does not surprise many and experts believe that this sudden black off will happen quite often.


Google has also not officially reached to this development in China, however users will feel at ease as Gmail and search services were back in 12 hours itself.


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