Here's the clue to find the location of photos

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Here's the clue to find the location of photos

Most of you visit your Facebook and Google+ (say, any social networks) almost everyday. You can see lots of updates from your friends popping on your wall. For instance, your close friend has posted his/her holiday album. You won't simply scroll down without seeing the photos, will you? At this point of time, you will certainly be curious to ask your friend where it was taken. Probably, you will leave a comment asking for the place.

The same question arises within yourself while you see interesting places on the internet. You come across gorgeous places that you feel you must visit sometime. The issue is that you will not know where it was taken as the web photographs will not have any text caption. Finally, you will be clueless on where the photo was taken.

Know where photos are taken?

Some image files will have EXIFdata in them. This will help you find out the location. But this solution is not guaranteed. There is another alternative for it. You very well know about Google Image Search, don't you? This will help you in knowing the destination. Wondering how this will work?

Go to and then drag the image either from another web page or from your desktop to the search box. If that photograph is taken at some famous destination, Google will instantly mention the possible location of the image above the search results as in the image.

Drawback in IE

If your are using Internet Explorer, you cannot drag and drop the image as it does not support it. In this case, you can click the camera icon in the search box to upload the image manually to Google Images and then get to know the location.

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