How to be funny on Twitter?

Posted By: Rahul

How to be funny on Twitter?

Comedy is an evergreen genre, be it in the movies, stage shows, etc. Now you can create comedy (good humor) on twitter as well. Yes, this can be achieved when you follow our tips mentioned below. As we know that Twitter offers only 140 characters to post messages, you tend to think that comedy is completely ruled out on Twitter. But using the below mentioned strategies you can create and make your Twitter humor viral. The strategies are:

1) Be funny and playful: This is one basic and must-follow strategy if you are to exhibit your funny skills on Twitter. Use short forms instead of actual, long words. By using short forms, you give an impression that you are more playful, thus the comedy angle in you is reflected.

2) Follow other comedians/Funny People: By following funny people, you tend to get ideas on how to be funny. When you read the jokes that other people have Tweeted, you get an idea on how to post funny, humorous tweets.

3) Don't worry about the results: Don't focus on re-tweets but instead focus on making your content clear & presentation accurate. When these tips are followed, your tweets automatically tend to become funny even before you know it. This in turn will lead to more and more people following you automatically without you having to think about the number of re-tweets

4) Be Bold: When you are bold, you tend to get more attention than others. Don't think that by being funny your tweets will offend people. When you implement this concept, your followers are sure to increase tremendously.

5) Create a character (another you) out there: Think of your favorite hero's name from a film or a character from the book you have just read. Create it and start tweeting humorously. If your followers don't like the character choose another one. This makes you and your tweets appealing.

So, the next time you want to tweet, think about the above strategies, follow them and become the undisputed king of comedy on Twitter.

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