HTML 5 Vs flash: the debate continues

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Determined to be competitors in the international market, both HTML5 as well as Flash comes with its own unique features that they consider are user friendly in every aspect. There has been a debate in this arena especially in the emergence of HTML5 that in some ways have the possibilities of almost stopping the dominance of Flash. But Flash is comprised of certain features that HTML5 doesn’t have making both of them in some ways heading for a neck to neck race.


Let’s take a close look in to the features and advantages both HTML5 as well as Flash.



HTML 5 Vs flash: the debate continues



Some of the advantages of HTML5 over Flash are:

  • HTML5 has one of the biggest potential market reach.

  • Desktop browsers of most of the operating systems make use of HTML5.

  • HTML5 comes as an open standard.

  • It has an increased performance in Apple based iOS5 devices.

  • Another advantage is that one of the major tech major Apple does not support Flash which in turn has increased the business for HTML5.

  • HTML5 has compliance to all major standards in modern browsers.

  • It is faster and better supported than flash.

  • The content in HTML5 as well as Flash can be written in java script as well as HTML.





Flash is still maintaining its dominance in the browser industry with a lot of features that is absolutely unique in Flash. The advantages of Flash compared to HTML5 are:

  • Gigantic web footprint.

  • Changing Flash is difficult and comparatively very expensive for those who are already using Flash.

  • Flash comes with good audio as well as video support.

  • Flash comes with mature tools.

  • Flash comes with well supported as well as powerful tools.


Construct2 which is considered to be the HTML5 editor is less expensive compared to Adobe’s Flash editing tools. HTML5 is upgrading itself and is almost trying to dominate in to the areas where Flash once dominated which include games, applications as well as banners. HTML5 seems to be emerging as the favorite platform for the web developers who are increasingly moving towards HTML5 instead of Flash. The only monopoly Flash is currently maintaining is in the video sector.


But the fact is that HTML5 is trying hard to take hold of this sector too with You Tube already making use of HTML5 Video Beta inorder to enhance the users with online video experiences. The fact is that Adobe itself has realized that HTML5 is going to be the future and even Adobe itself has introduced a tool named Wallaby which actually is a Flash-to-HTML5 converter. That itself shows the realization of the dominance that HTML5 is going to have in the future.




As the time goes by, it is pretty sure that HTML5 will have a considerable dominance compared to Flash and everything from Games, banners as well as applications will be HTML5 based where as Flash will continue to have dominance in web cam usage as well as Live Streaming which will all be mainly Flash based.

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