Internet addiction is no different from drugs

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Internet addiction is no different from drugs


The internet addiction causes damage to the brain just like the consumption of drugs or alcohol. The scientists claim that they have recognized a recent condition called Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) due to which the individuals spend unimaginable amounts of time online.

The nerve wiring of the adolescent brains get disrupted due to internet and this is the same case that happens when people are exposed to cannabis or cocaine.

When they are denied the internet access, they may experience withdrawal symptoms and distress like obsessive thoughts, tremors and also involuntary typing movements of fingers, calim the researchers.

The previous research on the disorder has focused on the psychological factors and not on its physical impact. This new study was done by analyzing 17 teenagers addicted to internet and 16 others not addicted to it.

The scientists at Chinese Academy of Sciences found that in the teenagers diagnosed with IAD, there is some evidence of disruption caused to the white matter nerve fibers that connect to the main parts of the brain like decision making, emotions and self-control.

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