Internet blocked and restricted in some countries

Posted By: Rahul

Internet blocked and restricted in some countries

Some countries of the world have resorted to blocking of the internet and in some cases have even resorted to curtailing the internet access for citizens. This move is a conservative one experts feel.

One such country that is hit by internet disruption is Iran where the internet usage is restricted for the citizens. Iran has also resorted to blocking certain internet functionality such as e-mail services. This has affected the citizens as people depend on e-mail for almost all their day to day activities.

Iran is a country which has around 36 million internet users. But internet access is a limited asset there. Internet played a key role in the anti-government protests in the year 2009. One factor to note is that access to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter is blocked in Iran.

In Tehran, most of the news sites are blocked. Thus, we can conclude that the internet is not popular in conservative countries. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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