Internet Turns 45: Here Are 8 Interesting Facts Nobody Told You About

By Prarthito

Have you ever wondered how life would be like of there was no Internet? Well, those are the kinds of stuff that we can't really relate to so easily. We are totally drawn toward and dependent on Internet.

In terms of a bit of history on the matter, back in October, 1969, the very first electronic message traveled from a computer in the science department at UCLA to another computer at the Stanford Research Institute.

Internet Turns 45: Here Are 8 Interesting Facts Nobody Told You About


But everyone tells you about history and there are even a boatload of places that will tell you even more. However, what we are concerned about is the things on Internet no one ever knew about. Hence here are the 5 most notable facts about Internet that no one told you about.

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Did You Know:
That the first ever spam message sent over to multiple recipients was sent in 1978 for DEC System 2020. The 600 odd recipients, as you may expect, were not really amused upon receiving it.

Did You Know:
That the majority of the traffic on Internet isn't generated by humans, but by bots such as Google and Malware. So don't feel bad next time you feel you aren't doing more for your website. and Its Roots

That our very own and special Garfield (the cartoon cat) once offered a free email service. Apparently, the domain name for it was that was later acquired by Google.

Did You Know:
That there are more than 30,000 websites that are hacked everyday. So next time, be a little cautious about what you click on the web from your own domain.

Did You Know:
That the first YouTube video was uploaded back on April 23, 2005. It was called "Me at the zoo," and featured Jawed Karim, one of the founders, at the San Diego Zoo.

Did You Know:
That Researchers are still debating on whether to add Internet addiction in the long standing list of mental disorders.

Did You Know:
That China harbors treatment camps for Internet addicts.

Did You Know:
That, according to the estimates, 80% of all images on the Internet are of naked women. The other 20% is being researched upon.

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