iPhone: The most searched term on web

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iPhone: The most searched term on web


The Apple iPhone overtook the major news and the celebrities and also pop stars and came first in the list of the top searched terms on web as far as 2011 is concerned, says Yahoo. The smartphone has proved to top the famous reality TV celebrity, Kim Kardashian, the pop star, Katy Perry and the singer cum actress, Jennifer Lopez who are in the top five.

The second position is occupied by Casey Anthony of America, the lady who killed her daughter after a trial. Since 2002, this is the first time that a gadget has made its way to the first position. Vera Chan, an analyst of web trend at Yahoo announced the results of the research. In 2002, the PlayStation2 topped this list.

Chan added that the device has made the vision of the co-founder of Apple, Late. Steve Jobs come true. The list of most searched terms was dominated by women as it had six of them in the top 10 list. The list also includes the Japan earthquake and Osama Bin Laden, killed in Pakistan in 2011.

One of the reason that iPhone was able to make up to this list could be the launch of the smartphone's new version in October last year that raised speculations about the same kind of design, the 4S. It could also be the result of the Siri, voice recognition software of Apple.

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