London Olympics 2012: Google Bids Farewell with Cheerful Doodle on Closing Ceremony

London Olympics 2012: Google Bids Farewell with Cheerful Doodle on Closing Ceremony

Finally, London Olympics 2012 has come to its end and the Google Doodle Olympics series as well. Hence, on the 14th day Google has come up with a colourful doodle as part of the London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony. It is the seventeenth doodle and apparently the last in a series for the London Olympics.

Have a look and you will see that the homepage of the search engine giant shows a group of athletes from different sporting events in celebration of the last day of the biggest sporting event in the world against a green background.

The athletes are shown elated to be the part of the event, with some of them holding the alphabets of the logo triumphantly.

Relatively, the closing ceremony of the Games is also anticipated to be as spectacular as the opening ceremony. The 150-minute ceremony - A Symphony of British Music - will showcase a series of spectacular performances by a number of present and former A-list British pop and rock artists and bands.

Reportedly, celebrities including the Spice Girls, Muse, The Who, Annie Lennox, George Michael and Ed Sheeran are expected to perform at the event which would be a celebration of the past 50 years of popular music.

Further, the ceremony will also showcase the highlights of the Games held from 27 July - 12 August. They will also include other events such as athletes' parade, medal ceremony for the men's marathon winners, speeches and a presentation by the next hosts Rio de Janeiro.

And last but not the least, the Olympic flame, lit throughout the Games period, will be extinguished to bid farewell to the London Olympics 2012. As a matter of tradition, now it will lighten up in Russia, at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.

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