Microsoft revamps SkyDrive; Should Dropbox be scared?

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Microsoft revamps SkyDrive; Should Dropbox be scared?

As a measure to cope up with the increasing competition in the cloud storage segment, Microsoft has brought some remarkable modifications to, the browser based interface of its online cloud storage service Sky Drive .

The cloud storage service has evolved from the preview stage and has been turned into a fully functional service. The most visible change is made in the user interface which organizes the files and documents and presents them in a tile-based fashion similar to that of a Windows Phone and Windows 8. Apart from the modifications with visual elements, Microsoft has also incorporated a whole lot of new features like instant search, a contextual toolbar and multiple select and drag and dropping options.

Integration and Syncing

The integration of Sky Drive with Windows and OSX has also been improved. A major improvement has been made to enhance the syncing between the front end desktop apps and cloud backend. Syncing speed of photos also has improved. Sky Drive now enables faster synchronization by analyzing files and looking for changes. Tests from Microsoft have proved that the syncing between desktop and the cloud has become 300 percent faster. A new set of desktop apps will be made available to the users by next week.


Sky Drive app for Android will reach the customer base in the next few weeks and will have features similar to that of the Sky Drive apps available on iOS and Windows Phone. Apart from browsing, uploading and sharing of files, users will also be able to open Sky Drive files from other apps, and upload and save files from other apps to Sky Drive.

Developers who are looking out for ways to integrate Sky Drive into their apps will also reap benefits from the revamp of the service. Sky Drive is slowly transforming itself into a beneficial cloud service; however it remains to be seen if it manages to make its mark in the segment ruled by Dropbox. 

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