Microsoft to Bid Farewell to Windows Live Messenger

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Microsoft to Bid Farewell to Windows Live Messenger

IT giant Microsoft is planning to retire its Windows Live Messenger client in favor of Skype client. The latest new surfaced on The Verge. According to the report the agency has received this information from sources close to Microsoft. The report also suggests that the Windows Live Messenger will be integrated into Skype and will disappear from public domain in the next few months.

As per the sources, Microsoft has been moving users over to the Skype’s Messenger backend over the past few months. As per available statistics, around 80 percent of all messages sent on Skype are now being managed by Windows Messenger now.

Sources close to Microsoft have informed that the company will be announcing the official retirement of Windows Live Messenger soon. The announcement could arrive as early as this week but no confirmation regarding this has been made as of now.

Skype has been taking efforts to link Microsoft accounts to Skype login names. This indicates a possible early retirement of Windows Messenger. Users of Skype 6.0 for Mac and Windows operating system are currently being greeted with options for logging in using Microsoft or Facebook accounts. Microsoft has not made any public statements regarding the retirement of Windows Messenger as of now.

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