Mozilla Firefox 8 coming soon

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Mozilla Firefox is second most popular web browser among the internet users. Keeping in pace with the current advancements in the technological sector, Mozilla is launching the latest Mozilla Firefox 8.

Mozilla Firefox 8 coming soon

In a nutshell, key feature of Firefox 8 version can be summarized as below:

  • Mozilla Firefox8 is expected to come with Twitter option that will be present in the search bar.

  • Additional support has been provided to the HTML5 context menus.

  • The new web browser is expected to come with improved performance as well as better memory capability.

  • Creative tab animations have also been included and that can be enjoyed while reordering, moving or detaching the tabs.

  • Add-ons will now be disabled by default.

  • For managing the previously installed add-ons, one time add-on section dialogs will be added.

  • Preference is added as part of the loading of tabs on demand.

  • Once the windows have been restored to normal, the start-up time will also be significantly improved.

  • For cross domain textures in WebGL, CORS support has been added.

Other additional features that are expected to come with Mozilla Firefox8 are:

  • Mozilla Firefox8 is expected to come with Improved CSS hyphen support for many languages.

  • It also comes with improved Web Socket support.

  • Mozilla Firefox8 also has managed to fix several stability issues.

Mozilla Firefox8 is sure to replace the existing Mozilla Firefox7 with its path breaking functionalities and user friendly features. Mozilla Firefox8 is expected to be 20% faster than the Mozilla Firefox5. The update is applicable to all the major operating systems including Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating system.

The standard Mozilla Firefox8 features includes the presence of

  • Tabbed Browsing

  • Download Manager.

  • Live Book marking.

  • Spell checking.

  • Incremental Find

  • Location-aware browsing

  • Private Browsing.

The security features are enhanced by the implementation of a sand box security model. The sand box security model makes use of SSL/TLS while using the HTTPS protocol in order to prevent the communications with the web servers by making use of strong cryptography.

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