Mozilla Planning to Enter Apple: Firefox Browser for iOS Coming Soon

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If there's something currently missing from Mozilla's illustrious presence on the web and smartphones is a successful presence in Apple's ecosystem. While the company has thought twice in the past before going the Apple way, it seems like it's re-considering the matter.

And more on the matter has been brought to light courtesy a few new tweets from company employees that hinted at Mozilla's growing desire to make a mark on Apple users as well.

Mozilla Planning to Enter Apple: Firefox Browser for iOS Coming Soon

A new tweet by Mozilla Firefox's Release Manager Lukas Blakk states that the firm, in supervision of new chief executive Chris Beard, is planning to bring out an iOS version of the Firefox browser soon. "We need to be where our users are so we're going to get Firefox on iOS #mozlandia," stated the tweet.

In fact, another tweet from Matthew Ruttley, Manager of Data Science at Mozilla, also stated "Firefox for iOS!! Let's do this!!! #mozlandia #awesome #mozilla #teamNightingale." Also, both tweets were posted on December 2 at an internal Mozilla event.

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While it's still unclear as to how Mozilla plans to bring Firefox to iOS, but according to a Tech Crunch, "given that Apple isn't likely to open up its platform for third-party browser engines, it'll likely have to work with Apple's technology."

"With that, it can still support Firefox accounts, its bookmark-syncing tools and all the other features that Firefox for Android currently offers," it further adds.

As of now, Mozilla is not available for comment on the matter. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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