MyPermissions manages all your app permissions

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MyPermissions manages all your app permissions

In case you have granted the permission to a large number of apps and websites on your personal social networks and accounts, you might know how difficult it is to figure out the where you can delete the apps and revoke the access.

Avi Charkham, an Israeli entrepreneur has created the which is a simple website that will remove all the hard work involved in that process.

This website has links to the Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr and Dropbox accounts.

MyPermissions is a highly simple concept and it can definitely achieve what it is intended to. The site doesn't access your account and when you are logged in to your account and click on the appropriate icon, you will be directly taken to the app permissions page.

While using the service for the first time, you might be surprised to find out the number of apps for which you have given the access to your account.

There is no major harm in giving permission for all such apps to the access to your personal account but as there are emerging stories about the hacking of major services and release of personal information requires us to be safe.

Visit MyPermissions for more details.

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