New Chrome Version Assures to Keep Multiple Google Accounts

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New Chrome Version Assures to Keep Multiple Google Accounts


If you are using multiple Google accounts for several purposes in the same browser you will know the pain of switching between them. Now, the recent version of Chrome, Google's web browser helps in fixing this problem. This option is a part of the sign in feature in the Chrome 16 version that was released recently.

The main aim of this feature is to help the users to synchronize their bookmarks through the multiple devices and also to separate the saved passwords and the extensions for the multiple people who work with the same computer. This feature will create a big effect on the users who have personal Gmail accounts as well as on those with professional accounts for Google Apps.

It would be too cathartic for those users who you some other email provider or those who prefer to use the desktop mail clients. However, this feature is very useful for those users who maintain several Google web mail accounts and for those using several Google services. Google offers different methods to switch between the accounts and when they all fail, it logs out the users out of all the services.

To solve this issue, Google executives themselves use different browsers for the different accounts. One of the Google executives has admitted that he uses the current version and the development version of Google Chrome to maintain both his professional as well as personal accounts separate. The Chrome 16 turns very useful in this situation as it can help the users to handle multiple accounts in one browser.

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