New Facebook Page Insights feature

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 Facebook is considered as one of the most popular social networking site across the world. The site helped in bringing people across the world closer together by means of social networking and there by ensuring greater integration among the people. Users can find their old friends and colleagues and can chat with them and also share ideas with industry experts by joining business and education related forums.

The latest news that is making headlines is the introduction of a range of charts in order to enhance the Facebook page admins. The introduction of a redesigned Facebook Page admins is expected to improve the user interaction with the page as well as the total reach of the specified content.

The three new features that have been introduced with the facebook are:

  • People Talking About This.

  • Weekly Total Reach.

  • Virality.

New Facebook Page Insights feature

The fact is that the new Facebook insights feature comes with features that the corresponding Facebook page admin can easily understand.

People Talking About This and Weekly Total Reach: The new feature by Facebook gives the facebook page admin the precise indication of the number of unique people that has created content about your page on the Facebook in the last seven days. As the number of the people talking about your page increases, the distribution for it will also increase substantially.

The Weekly Total Reach helps the users by displaying the number of people who have seen the message of the user.

Virality: Virality is another new and latest Facebook Page Insights feature which measures the extent of likeliness for a person in order to share something about your posts with their friends. And it gives the users a clear indication of the kind of posts your audience responds to.

New Facebook Page Insights feature

Some of the data as well as graph layouts are given as follows:

  • The insights have been placed at the top of the page in the layout.

  • The chart that displays the data is placed below the layout.

  • The inclusion of metrics that explains the details regarding the location as well as demographic details of the users who interacts with your page and content.

  • New Graphs indicates the extent of the interaction over time.

  • New Graphs also indicates the person who is talking about your page.

  • Data export process can be done with much ease.

New Facebook Page Insights feature

  • The updation of the Facebook Page Insights Feature is a welcome note as far as the users of Facebook are concerned.

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