No Google doodle for Labor Day in India

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No Google doodle for Labor Day in India

On the homepage of Google India we come across all the major doodles of Google. But yesterday, the Indian users were disappointed. There was no Labor Day doodle on the Indian homepage. But this was not the case in Russia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany and Philippines homepages.

The Google homepage in these countries greeted the users with the Labor Day doodle in the place of the usual logo. The doodle featured a strong woman worker lifting up the metallic logo of Google. The uniform of the laborer was designed in blue and red shade while the helmet she was wearing was in yellow. These colors as we know are the official colors of the Google logo. Next to her is a red colored tookit.

The Labor Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the economic and social achievements of the workers. It is a public holiday that is fixed by the territory and state governments. In India, May 1 is celebrated as Labor Day. It is an official public holiday. May 1st 1923 was the first Labor Day celebration in India.

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