Now donating charity is as easy as liking

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Now donating charity is as easy as liking

While we visit any website that hosts content of any type like news or videos, we have the option to share it presented to us. Facebook in the same way made liking specific contents simple with the Like button.

The same way, iGiveFirst, the online donating site has made giving charity as simple as it is with the Give button. The premises of the site is so simple that there are no such companies doing this.

The company looks forward to bring the huge brands into the mix by letting them to become sponsors of the charity donation. This will create them more space for the publishers to sell their sponsorships and also money for charity.

The publishers can sign up for the website and then the startup will take care of all the vetting for the charities that are there to include in their campaigns. The non-profit organizations will have to fill the application form to get considered to be included in the network.

Once a few publications that are famous decide to include the Give button on their sites, the people will get used to giving as they are now for liking.

If you click on the Give button on the website of a publisher, it will look like this:

Now donating charity is as easy as liking

Here’s what the process would look like if you were to click a Give button on a publisher’s site:

This process does not require the readers to create an account and the whole system is highly secure. The readers need not worry about entering their payment details.

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