Now google pays you for your browsing activities

Posted By: Rahul

Now google pays you for your browsing activities

The next time you search using Google, be prepared to get paid. Yes, Google is seeking people who want to get paid for searching the internet through a new initiative called Screenwise. Through this initiative, Google is going to pay $25(roughly Rs 1250) through gift cards in exchange for information about the various web sites which people visit and website usage.

According to Google, this initiative is brought out since Google wants to know more about how people make use of the internet and the general everyday trends. For participating in the Screenwise initiative, people would have to install an extension in their web browsers which relays all browsing activities directly to Google, for doing this, the volunteers are given a $5(roughly Rs 250) gift card after they sign up.

The gift cards are going to be continued for the next three months and upon successful completion of the program, the participants can earn upto a maximum of $25(roughly Rs 1250). During the Screenwise, all your browsing activities are monitored.

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