Rajnikanth website runs without internet

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Rajnikanth website runs without internet


A new website for Rajnikanth that can run without the internet is here. It might sound to you like another joke based on the star but it is a fact.

The www.allaboutrajni.com, is the website about the star and it greets the visitors with a message stating that Rajinikanth is not an ordinary man and that this website is also not ordinary. It asks the users to turn their internet connection off and then enter the site and also claims that it runs out of Rajni power.

The visitors can access the site only when their internet is turned off. The visitors can trace the legend's story right from the beginning and also read inside the scoops about his films and get the glimpse of the behind the scene actions. They can also browse through the famous jokes about Rajni and the impossible feats that can be done by him.

The creative director of Webchutney, Gurbaksh Singh who has developed the website for Desimartini.com. The website offers a mix of vibrant colors, foot-tapping music, quirky illustrations and quotes and also the icons with the real Rajni lingo and style. This unique and first of its kind website shows the signature style of Rajni.

The website is actually based on the complex algorithm that runs at the back-end. This algorithm keeps an eye on the data packets' propagation between two terminals. The magic happens when the speed of the internet goes to zero. The humor element on this site appears when the user tries to connect to the internet and this will be in true Rajni style. The message goes like this: Aiyyo! This is unexpected. To continue browsing, turn off your internet.

The website has gained large response from the social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The developer also said that after some iterations and testing, the code needed to build the first website in the world to run without internet that is offline was cracked. This is really unbelievable and awesome just like the stunts and miracles performed by the superstar himself.

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