Recovering hacked Yahoo account

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Recovering hacked Yahoo account

If your Yahoo account is hacked, you will obviously be tensed as all your files, pictures and important documents that were in it are inaccessible. You would have also used that account to register in other websites.

The first thing that the hackers would have done is changing your password so that you will not be able to login to the account when the hacker is working on it. Then they might change all the important information like zip code, security questions and alternate email ids. This is mainly to make the person not to reset the password using the Password Helper.

In case you do not have the clue on how to recover your old password, then here is the trick to do it. Log on to or simply click on the I can't access my account link on the login screen.

Step 1


Step 2

Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

If you have already given these steps and in the last step you are not able to answer your security question, don't get panic as there is a solution for this as well. The hackers might have changed your security questions ans also your alternate email address so that you cannot reset the password.

But go back and take a look at the Step 5. The red colored rectangle, highlights the link This is not my question. When you click on this, you will be taken to your initial question(s) that you have set. This is a new feature that is included by Yahoo in order to give the owners a chance to access their hacked accounts. This will work despite of the hackers changing the questions several times.

This way you can reset the password of your hacked account and get back your email account.

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