See what internet addiction can lead to

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See what internet addiction can lead to

The mother of an 11 year internet addicted boy in China has knifed her son because of growing distraught. The boy is addicted to web gaming to a large extent and this has made him steal money from his mother.

The boy, aliased as Dongdong lives in Hubei in central China with his parents is reported to use internet since few months to play the online games and this started at the local black internet cafe. Meanwhile, he has overcome the ID requirements that are limited to the internet and gaming activities among the kids.

As time passes, he has started to steam money from his parents and lose the change that was given to buy the groceries in order to play the games at the black bar. The things were continuing and became hectic.

One night, after having dinner with his parents, Dongdong has stolen his mother's money and was found to be playing at the internet cafe. After finding the boy at the cafe, they have taken him home and bet him with a laundry rack and suddenly the distressed mother used a knife to slice his leg.

The Corporal punishmentsCorporal punishments are encouraged in China as a part of parenting but this case is about the black internet cafes that flout the regulations that are meant to keep the children away from the addiction of gaming and internet.

Many countries have moved to restrictions and curfew of the young children from using the internet but still countries like China, Singapore and Korea could not find these regulations to erase their issues.

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