Social media drives anti-corruption movement

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Social media drives anti-corruption movement

The social networking websites like Orkut, Twitter and Facebook are now turning into a significant tool to drive a movement that goes against corruption and they bring about a positive change in society as per a survey. A survey was conducted across the nation among the youngsters of the country and around 76 percent of them believe that the social media influences them to change the place that we live in.

They feel that the social media is now becoming a huge information source and that it can focus on the movements that go against corruption and the causes for women. Around 28 percent of them perfer the source information provided by the social media websites while around 54 percent prefer a mixture of the social media, television and print.

The youth of the country does not believe in the symbolism and this is evident by that fact that about 70 percent of them believe that the ground realities cannot be changed by simply becoming a member of some group. They infer that there has to be much more on the ground.

Youth in the day and age of Social Media, a survey that was conducted by India Biz News and Research Services which is a non-profit organization covered around 1200 people of the age group 18 to 35 and it shows the trend that the youth will feel empowered and also paves a path for them to voice out their opinions and make their choices.

Anti-corruption, is the one case that emerged out to be the most prominent one and it was endorsed by about 32 percent of the respondents. The Communications Minister of India, Kapil Sibal has already taken steps to eliminate the objectionable content that is present in the social sites.


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