Threatening Facebook scam forces to delete account

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Threatening Facebook scam forces to delete account

There is a new phishing scheme in Facebook that is getting more nasty everyday. Those making use of this scam threaten the users to delete their respective Facebook accounts if they do not provide their account details within a time span of 24 hours. Some of the users might welcome this kind of a deletion while most of them might not.

Users might get some emails from Facebook but they are not actually and are just intented to be so. These emails will claim that the user is not following the policy regulations of the social network and are violating the rules by insulting and annoying the other users of Facebook. These mails will also require the users to provide their personal as well as financial information like their credit card details within a day. It threatens those users who do not provide such information that their accounts will be deleted.

These emails are completely bogus and they are designed mainly to get the details of the credit card and other financial stuff of the users. They are also intented to collect the details of the other social networks and likely to spread these scams in them as well. The scammers will use the little information that they obtained and pretend to act as the authorities of Facebook and send the scam messages to the friends of the Facebook victim user thereby bolstering the user's name.

Once the scammers gain the access of an account, they are sure to hunt for the original information by modifying the password and the email address. After collecting the credit card details, the frauds can make malicious financial activities and identity thefts. It is advised that the users do not click on any of the links that are present in the emails as they will take them to the Account Disabled online form that is absolutely fake and requiring the personal as well as financial details.

Once the users complete the first fake form, they are redirected to the second one that requires their login details of their webmail followed by a third form that requires the username and the first six digits of the credit card that the user holds.

As mentioned in the Facebook's security page, the scammers and spammers send fake emails that look like they are sent from Facebook or some other reputed website. It is stated that the users do not click on any links in the emails that look strange and that they delete it from the inbox as soon as possible. The fake emails will especially ask the users to update the account, open the attachment or warn to take immediate action. The users have to keep in mind only one thing. None of the social networking sites will require them to provide all these details.

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