Tips to prevent your computer from hacking

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Do you know how secure your computer is??? Are you sure that your computer is not being accessed by someone unknown????

 Tips to prevent your computer from hacking

Well, no body has the right of entry into your personal computer, but there are threats of uninvited visitors visiting your system as far as hackers are there. Using internet has now growing as a common practice among the society but the question is how far the users are free from threat.

Well, we must be very careful while using internet facility because it is never safe to give access to a third party to your personal information starting from your name to your personal savings account number. Here are some tips which can help you keep your information or data or files safer to some extend.

First of all you must install well advanced firewall to prevent your system from unexpected enemies such as Trojan viruses and spyware. It is not that you install a firewall and forget every thing; in fact you need to be more conscious even though you have protection.

Moreover you need to be very careful while some applications demand disabling your firewall for better installation. Confirm that the applications are from secured and trusted websites.

 Tips to prevent your computer from hacking
  • It would be better to create backups of the data or information whichever you have saved in you system. You can create a copy of the files and folders and store it somewhere else. Always review your browser as well as other settings to enhance security.

  • It is preferred to erase the ‘Cookies’ to ensure zero damage for the system.

  • Tracking your daily online account is also a good option for you to ensure safety.

  • As far as hackers are concern, their most preferred platform to place viruses is ActiveX and JavaScript so it will be better to disable such things.

  • Antivirus with automatic update must be installed. This is to check new and fresh viruses.

  • If you get emails from unknown address then you need to be very careful. Try avoiding opening such mails.

  • Run and install applications from secured and trustworthy websites.

  • You should also be very careful while sending files because it is very risky send file from unknown sources, because such files might ruin the system of the receiver resulting in big damages.

  • Always try to avoid scam and avoid websites which uses illegal spam.

  • It is also referred to avoid using usernames which are very generic.

  • A healthy and strong password with minimal resemblance will also help you to stay away from hackers.

However, threats from hackers are always there. You must be very conscious and always to stay away from such external visitors. Following such tips might help you to be secure for some extend.


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