Tips to reduce your internet bills

Posted By: Rahul

Tips to reduce your internet bills

You can now reduce your internet bills. By following certain tips to reduce internet bills, you can save a lot of money. You need to be careful about how you access internet through mobile phones, computers, tablets and over Wi-Fi.

The internet is a magical world. Billions of people all over the world use the internet for all their activities. But sometimes, when accessing the internet through various media, we tend to get overcharged by service providers.

Some Internet Service Providers charge customers excessively. But in most cases, people tend to blindly pay the bill as they wouldn't want to change their current plan. For this reason, we provide you six tips through which you can save on your internet bills without having to migrate to a new plan or even a new service provider.

  • Video Chatting ( especially Skype) consumes a lot of data. If you indulge in video chatting for 30 minutes, then around 100-300 MB of data gets consumed. So be alert on this.
  • Access the internet through Wi-Fi wherever possible
  • If you watch videos over online sites such as YouTube, then approximately 200 MB of data is consumed every month.
  • When you access internet through 3G on your mobile phones, then switch off the “Data Services” option. Through this you can eliminate unnecessary use and even save on your monthly bills.
  • Wi-Fi tethering ( Using internet on your laptop and tablet through your mobile phone's SIM card) also consumes a lot of data. So reduce on this.
  • When you indulge in Online Gaming over the internet, then 100MB of data is consumed

Thus, remember the above tips. By this, you can save on your internet bills.

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