Essential Internet Tips and Tricks Nobody Told You About

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Be honest, and ask yourself: Is there even a single day that i can spend without Internet? If you are being honest, you will easily know the answer to that. Such is the importance of Internet in our everyday life.

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The rise of Internet in the modern day society is relatively new. However, since its initial inception back in the '60s, and especially in the modern day context, the service has become an integral part of everyday life.

However, while Internet is dominant and far reaching, there are a few steps and procedures that you could follow to make the overall experience easier and better. Hence, here are the top 5 Internet tips and tricks you ought to know.

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Alternative Browsers

While PCs will always arrive with default Internet browsers, you will do yourself massive good if you actually download a separate browser and carry on from there. The reason behind this is primarily driven by the fact that the default Internet Explorer is not up to scratch. And there are others such as Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox to help you out

Fast Reloading

There are times that you would want to reload a page ignoring the cache. In that case, just hit Ctrl Shift R and your page will reload.

Accessing Address Page

There's absolutely no need to use your mouse every time you want to reach the address bar. Rather, just press Alt D and your address bar will be highlighted. You can also hit F6 for the same. It's the same thing.

Pause YouTube Videos Easily

Every time while watching a YouTube video, you may need to pause it for some reason. But there's no need to hit the space bar every time to pause a video. Just hit the K key and this will pause your video. Hitting K again will resume it.


You need not type http: or www. every time you want to open a website. Just enter the name of the website and hit Ctrl Enter. This will also automatically add the required www. in the beginning and .com at the end. You can even use Shift Enter for .net and Ctrl Shift Enter for .org.

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