Viewing PDF Files Online for Free

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PDF files are now an integral part of people’s lives that makes use of a computer. PDF is none other than Portable Document Format which was in fact introduced by Adobe systems to view the files and documents in an environment free of any devices. It was introduced almost two decades before in 1993 as part of the document exchanges.


Viewing PDF Files Online for Free

There are times when you try to view any document using the PDF format but it may not be installed on your computer or the reason may be that your document would have got stuck in your computer. The most popular application that helps you to view the PDF files for free is PDF escape.


It’s so astonishing to see frankly speaking that you feel as if you are watching the PDF file format as if in a regular PDF reader. The perfection is almost impressive. And the fact is that users including you will get addicted to it once you start making use of it.


PDF Escape is one of the best in class online PDF readers which is very user friendly.

  • User friendly features that include uploading of Documents from the desktop to the site which helps you to view the file in the prescribed format without fail.

  • You can also view the PDF from any web sources also.

  • It also helps in account generation for storing the corresponding PDF documents.

  • Another advantage is that if you are a registered user you can also view the last document that you had a view from PDF Escape.

  • It even allows you to edit the PDF documents which I think is one of the most user friendly features present in PDF Escape.

  • It also helps you in filling of the W9 form through the online means and also in saving of the W9 form.

Next comes Samurajdata which is also one of the best online PDF tools that you can view for free.

  • Even though it is not as good as PDF Escape, it comes with some unique features that are not present in PDF Escape.

  • But the image rendering method is not as good as PDF Escape but one of its advantages is its handy site for the corresponding low speed connections.

  • Some of the path breaking features that it comes with is the presence of a No-Frills website that means that you can access the PDF Files for free which is very user friendly quality.

  • The loading is also faster compared to others. Samurajdata also comes with specialized keyboard shortcuts that helps in easy navigation among the pages present in it.

You can very well find the PDF files that are available for free online viewing in websites such as


Some of the most popular online media for viewing PDF files are PDF Hammer, Speedy PDF, and PDFMeNot, Merge PDF as well as PDF Maker, Others includes PDF-Crack, PDFind and PDFVue. CountOnIt is also one of the popular Online PDF tools.

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