Virtual assistance of Cloud services

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Gone are the old days when we used to depend on personal assistance or personal secretaries for each and everything in our office. Today, it is the era of cloud computing where virtual assistance is available at ease. But, how many of us is actually making the best use of cloud computing is still a question. Before going deep into it, let us see what exactly cloud computing is all about.



Virtual assistance of Cloud services




In simple words we could say that cloud computing is a service which includes meeting different requirements of the user through internet. This facility helps you to share resource, information and software as well through the medium of internet and computer. Cloud computing provide services basically through three media; one is the Infrastructure-as-a-service. This service is also known as IaaS. The other two categories are Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service.






Now, if you are thinking how this helps you as a virtual assistance; here is comes the answer. Imagine that you are an executive of any large organization and you need to enhance the work of every employee, then one of the major requirements is to buy required software. It is not essential that you can purchase software ever now and then when ever there is fresh recruitment or promotion.


In such situation you can avail the help of cloud computing applications which are well equipped to be your virtual assistance.


  • At first you need to find out it you have all the hardware; that is whether all your computers are placed.

  • There are many free as well as paid cloud application available today, download one among them. You can use application such as Mint, icloud or CloudMe, and etc which are free

  • While choosing the application you need to find out what type of service you require. For instance it is infrastructure of finance or any other

  • Then, you need to install this particular application into the main computer which can be called the server

  • Now, the employees can log into the Web-based service delivered by this particular cloud application.

  • The user can find any type of software required for him or her to leverage the office work through this single cloud application.


Now, this will help you to reduce your expense in simply purchasing all the required software to enhance smooth functioning in the organization. Moreover you can also avoid additional expenses in renewing the licenses of the software.






The benefits of could computing are 24/7 support, Secure storage management, high level computing and much more.


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