WeVideo Cloud based video editing on YouTube

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You Tube is a video sharing website that rose in to immense popularity by enhancing the users by sharing videos as well as watching and uploading of the videos. The company makes use of Adobe Flash Video as well as HTML 5 in order to display the video content. Now, You Tube is going cloud with the introduction of new generation technologies. You Tube has decided to provide the users with cloud-based video editing platform named WeVideo in order to improve the popularity of their global service.

WeVideo Cloud based video editing on YouTube

WeVideo which recently underwent optimization by making use of the cloud capabilities is sure that this is going to be a huge success. You Tube changes include the up gradations in the Charts page that makes it very easy to find the videos that is interesting for the users. For providing the users with details of the video, an improvised playlist bar is provided.

One of the major updates compared to the previous version includes the presence of a redesigned end screen that appears after each video finishes its playing. The recent changes to Youtube with the cloud implementation of WeVideo are sure to impress the huge user base by providing them a superb multimedia experience.

WeVideo Cloud based video editing on YouTube

WeVideo has created a huge competition for other competitors who are trying to make a significant presence in you tube. WeVideo mainly makes use of the “drag and drop” design interface that has wide range of applications in music as well as transitions. With the introduction of a browser based resource hogging process that is currently taking place in the cloud application enables the WeVideo to be used in the smart phones as well as tablets with the help of a computer.

WeVideo Cloud based video editing on YouTube

WeVideo thinks that they have greater significance in the current scenario taking in to consideration the fact that most of the videos being uploaded are unedited. Being aware of the importance of editing the videos, the introduction of WeVideo video editor that makes use of cloud capabilities is a welcome development. With WeVideo you can;

  • Simply upload your video clips and respective photos if you wish.

  • You can also create your own story lines.

  • You can edit them in the cloud application.

Advantages of using the cloud in WeVideo include

  • No software to download.

  • The video story creation takes place in the browser itself.

Advantages of using WeVideo include

  • Complete creative control for the user.

  • Easy collaboration.

  • Creating videos right at the moment itself.

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