What makes Google Music interesting?

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Google Inc is making waves across the technology sector with the launch of its high end applications that comes with user friendly features. Google is also trying its hands in providing in providing music for its users with the launch of Google Music that is its first music cloud service. It comes with many attractive features that make it more interesting compared to other contenders in the international market.


Let’s take a close look at the features that makes this music cloud service more interesting.


What makes Google Music interesting?


All that the users will have to do from their side is

  • Go to music.google.com

  • Start uploading as well as purchasing music that the users can listen on their corresponding device.

Some of the basic understandings that the users must have about the Google music is as follows


Automatic backing up of iTunes as well as most other music files

  • Upload the designated file folders at the time of setting up of the service.

  • More file types are supported compared to iTunes as well as Amazon Cloud Player.

  • The supported file formats include MP3, AAC as well as WMA, OGG and FLAC.

Google Music and Android Market

  • Google Music is considered to be the player and library.

  • Google Music site helps in the downloading of an app as well as music manager that helps in the scanning of personal computer for the music files.

  • The music files can be uploaded to the corresponding cloud based music locker.

  • Android market is a place where the users can browse as well as purchase new music that finally appears in the Google music pages as well as also in your Android music app.

  • Songs cannot be downloaded to any other personal computer unless it is brought from the Google Music.

What makes Google Music interesting?


Google Music, an alternative to iTunes

  • Google Music in fact plans to give the Android mobile users an alternative to the iTunes.

  • It’s not clear whether all the android phones support Google music. There are rumors surrounding that some android phones may support as well as some android devices may not support.

Google Music works on iOS devices

  • Users can listen to music on iOS devices.

  • Users cannot back up music on the iOS device to the Google Music.

  • Users cannot directly download to the iPhone directly the music brought in the android music store.

What makes Google Music interesting?


Google music comes with tons of free music

  • Users can listen to tons of free music from Google Music.

  • Only problem is that users will have to give their credit card information.

  • Users can only share purchased songs to Google+.

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