Wikipedia is top rated for mental health info

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Wikipedia is top rated for mental health info

A study has revealed that Wikipedia is the top rated website when it comes to offering mental health information.

A group of researchers of the University of Melbourne have assessed a wide range of print and online material that offer information regarding the mental health related topics and they have found Wikipedia to offer the highly rated ones in most of the domains.

The mental health related content was obtained from 14 websites that are accessed frequently like Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia and also a psychiatry textbook. The information regarding schizophrenia and depression were assessed, claims a statement.

Experts rated the content based on different values like accuracy, how recent the info is, referencing, breadth of coverage and also readability. Nicola Reavley, the researcher along with her colleagues found the details offered by Wikipedia regarding schizophrenia and depression to be better than that offered by the psychiatry books and websites.

Reavley claims that people who seek for details will look for real time responses and through internet, Wikipedia is the first stop while looking out for information, explanations and definitions. The study claims that the Wikipedia can be trusted to a considerable extent despite of the controversies regarding its accuracy.

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