Will there be Internet on 9 July'12?

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Will there be Internet on 9 July'12?

Over a quarter million computer users all over the world will be losing internet access on Monday, the 9th of July. Some media and news reports are creating a hype claiming that the malicious software, Alureon as Internet Doomsday virus. They are warning users of the potential blackout of the internet.

But, the experts say that only a small fraction of the computer users are at risk. Even if the internet is blocked, the Internet providers will be on call to restore the service quickly. As of now, about 245,000 computers are found infected by Alureon. Of these, 45,355 belong to US.

The virus was created to redirect the Internet traffic through rogue DNS servers that are controlled by the criminals, claim the FBI. Even Google has issued a warning regarding this to the users. The FBI created a safety measure months before.

The information on how to detect and clean the infections are found on the website that is created by the experts and security firms, www.dcwg.org. You can kill the infections on your computer from this website. It is very easy to fix the computer.

Checked if your computer is infected by the Internet Doomsday virus? Have you fixed the issue? Tell us in the comments section below.

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