Working with WordPress widgets - Introducing Countdown widget

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It would be such a nice experience when you find that only a few days are left for the New Year! By making use of WordPress Countdown Widget, WordPress Bloggers can have the best experience of getting a countdown on the days that is special for them. It can be your Birthday, your loved ones birthday as well as the release of a book or a movie!


All those anticipation as well as excitements can be enhanced with the help of WordPress Countdown Widgets. It intimates the users about the event or the special day that is about to come and the days that are left for that special moment to happen!


Working with WordPress widgets - Introducing Countdown widget


WordPress Countdown Widget comes with a lot of user-friendly features such as:

  • Easier Installation

  • Works virtually

  • Can be placed anywhere on the Blog


WordPress Countdown Widget is such a nice application with which users can set the countdown for a big occasion as well as events. The truth is that most of the online readers often look for visual enhancements more than just a mere reading experience.


WordPress Countdown Widget seems to provide exactly what is required. Visual Enhancement! The widget often makes the users to watch and wait for that moment with much excitement around them.




There are many WordPress Countdown Widgets that are available. Select the one of your choice that is more attractive in its looks. Users most of the time makes use of WordPress Countdown Widget that is especially present on the sidebar. Users can also place a link that denotes what the countdown widget specifically is for.


The interesting part is that the followers of your WordPress Blog can click on the link and they will be taken to a separate page that explains about the important events that was already passed by! Thus the followers will be able to understand the working of your WordPress Countdown Widgets.




One of the major user-friendly features that come with WordPress Countdown Widgets is its Customization. The following customizations can be done:

  • Appearance can be modified by making use of CSS

  • Font Resizing

  • Styles

  • Colors


Drag and Drop functionality makes the Countdown widgets quite easier to use. The widgets can be easily removed if the user has no more important events happening around any time soon. It does not take much memory space also.


The use of Countdown widgets will not affect the performance of the web page loading. But it is desirable to use only a few widgets at a time. Too much of widgets can be a source of distraction for the users. Be more selective while choosing the WordPress Countdown Widgets for your WordPress Blog in order to reduce the security risks that comes with the WordPress Blog.

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