WotWent Wrong in your romance

Posted By: Rahul

WotWent Wrong in your romance

Supposing your romance didn't work out or failed, don't worry as a website called wotwentWrong.com provides details as to why your latest romance failed. This website is designed exclusively at helping people overcome the stress that they tend to face when a romance fails or ends abruptly. Using the wotwentwrong website users can also get tips from people who they have dated before and polish their dating skills.

This website offers solace to broken hearts in the form of effective feedback and user interactions. There are a number of templates offered that aid the users in this process. According to the developer of the website, wotwentwrong is a social and easy way to ask their partners as to why they chose to end the relationship.

There are also plans by the developer to collect user data efficiently and enhance the website further. But one question that props at this juncture is will the website really serve it's purpose? The answer is yes according to the website developer. Reply with your own answer in our comment section below.

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