Yahoo expands story sharing through Facebook

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Yahoo expands story sharing through Facebook

Yahoo seems to deepen the connections it has with Facebook, the social network. The most recent bond between the two was announced at the dusk of Tuesday and as per this bond, Facebook users can share more activities on the Yahoo sites including even the stories that they are reading.

Yahoo announced this Facebook sharing feature in the main new section about three months back. This feature will also be made available in all the 26 parts of the Yahoo websites like the omg service of entertainment news and sections that are devoted to movies, games and televisions.

Yahoo has tied lot of its services with Facebook and its popularity hoping that people will have more and more reasons to stick to the website and visit it often. Yahoo ultimately aims at selling more online advertising. Facebook is gaining more ground in this area and it has emerged to be the top most internet hangout.

The influence of Facebook has made Yahoo to struggle a lot when it comes to the Web surfers as well as the online advertisers. Yahoo has faced a daunting challenge till now and the company has went through three CEOs in four years but still faced a drop in both revenue as well as stock price.

Now, after the Facebook sharing option, Yahoo seems to be quite happy with the results. The traffic to the news section of Yahoo from Facebook has actually tripled with this sharing feature says the company.

Usually very small percent of users will like to share the stories that they are reading with their online social circles. Yahoo claims that about 12 million users have started to share their favorite news stories till now. This service has especially reached the youngsters of the age group 18 to 24 years.

Faceook sharing option is still lacking for the popular sections like sports and finance and they are expected to be including this option in early 2012.

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