Your name can be a web domain

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Your name can be a web domain


This week is definitely going to witness a great change in the world of the World Wide Web. Since 30 years after its origin, the net allows the users to create domain names as per their wish.

ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers decides on can manage the .com, .net and the other domains at the end of URLs. It has plans to accept the applications from this week for several expanded number of the web domain options.

The launch of dot brand names is the recent and the greatest change in the rules of the internet nomenclature right from its launch three decades back. After 1985, the ICANN has come up with the country codes and other general suffixes. This change was first implemented in 2011 when the .xxx was created for the adult websites to have their own space on the world of internet.

You can send your applications to have domain names after your name or your company's name. Like your domain name can be .name or .company name. For instance, Ford company can apply to have .ford as domain name while Pepsi can have .pepsi to create a drinks.pepsi website.

For some huge governments and businesses, this change does not seem to be a good sign and the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has also warned that this change in the rules can lead to some disaster. FTC claims that ICANN has not done what is required to protect the consumers from the misspellings and fraud like Amazon.comm.

Over 40 large companies in the world like Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola have come up with complaints that this change in the rules will confuse the consumers and also increase the internet fraud.

ICANN has an application with about 50 detailed questions and the fraudsters can be prevented in this thereby ensuring that the companies shall win the right to have their domain names with their brands.

Currently, there are about 22 types of domains at the top level (TLD) like .gov, .com and country wise like .in, .uk, etc. After this scheme is implemented anyone can register for web address suffix for $185,000 which accounts to 9,754,051 INR.

The applications will start on January 12th and will continue till April 12th. The top level domain names will go live by next year after the eight months evaluation process.

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