YouTube reaches 4 billion video views daily

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YouTube reaches 4 billion video views daily

Google's YouTube, the video sharing website is getting about 4 billion video views almost everyday which is about 25% increase in the last eight months, claims the company. Google has pushed the website to smartphones, tablets and also televisions in order to make it more popular which has resulted in increased video views.

Every minute, YouTube gets about 60 hours of video on its website which is quite higher than 48 hours per minute in May 2011. Google acquire YouTube for about $1.65 billion in 2006 and it is one of the key opportunities for the company to generate new sources of revenue apart from the traditional business of internet search advertising.

Last week, the company claimed that the business running the graphical display advertisements are integrated with the videos and was generating about $5 billion revenue on an annual basis. However, all the 4 billion videos do not make money and the company says that three billion among them are monetized every week.

In November 2011, YouTube redesigned its website to showcase the special channels.

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