YouTube's algorithm cracked

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YouTube's algorithm cracked

Now, YouTube rates how funny the videos are with a new algorithm that counts the comments like LOLs. But Google Research has posted in the blog that a new algorithm is cracked.

Sanketh Shetty, a researcher of Google claims that they have aimed at the videos that have been uploaded in the comedy category. They observe the features like description, title and tags to analyze the belief of the uploader regarding the funniness of the video.

The viewer comments also facilitate in the validation of the comedic value of the videos. They have also computed the text features based on the words that are associated with the amusement that is expressed in the comments.

Next, there has to e an algorithm to rank the funny clips based on their comedic value. The view count alone is not sufficient as the ranking metric is biased by both the age and the exposure of the video.

The users respond to funny videos in several ways like elongation (loooooool), capitalization (LOL), exclamation (lolll!!!), repetition (lolololol) and combinations of the mentioned ones.

So if a user uses loooooool when compared to lool, will it mean that the user is more amused? There are features designed to quantify the degree of emphasis in the these words and it is related to the amusement in the viewer comments.

They have already trained a passive aggressive ranking algorithm using the human annotated pairwise ground and a combination of the audio-visual and text features. The website already is trying to rank the musical quality in the Music Slam of YouTube but the Comedy Slam is more popular.

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