A majority of tweets are worthless says research

Posted By: Rahul

A majority of tweets are worthless says research

There is bad news to users of twitter which is considered to be one of the world's best social networking sites. Yes, according to a recent research carried out by a group of scientists, around a quarter of tweets are not worth reading and only a handful of tweets are useful and are worth reading.

This comes as a big blow to twitter which is already reeling under severe pressure from various media for the ill effects it causes on the human brain. The researchers also stated that one out of every four tweets are utterly worthless and readers shouldn't waste time in reading them. One more fact stated by the users was that certain tweets like questions to users following and various promotional tweets were more preferred by users rather than current status of users.

People are also preferring more relevant content such as interesting information, connecting with like minded users, connecting with family etc. Thus, the twitter users have completely ignored one of the famous features of twitter i.e current status posting. This also leads us to the fact that the current status posting is done more by Facebook users and twitter is mostly used for finding out and sharing useful information.

Thus, users are turning more toward using twitter for worthy stuff rather than just to post status, current moods etc. Call it the changing of social media trends?

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