A new facebook scam steals your credit card information

Posted By: Rahul

A new facebook scam steals your credit card information

We have often heard of scams that are meant to steal Facebook users' personal data, but now according to Researchers at the Kasperky Lab a new scam(Phishing Threat) is slowly spreading and according to the researchers is more dangerous than any other Facebook Phishing mechanisms.

This Phishing threat steals the credit card information of the users by gaining access into their facebook accounts and stealing all the facebook information of users.

This threat uses the normal phishing methods to obtain access to a users' facebook account, then the users' picture is changed to the Facebook icon and the user name is also changed to Facebook Security. This change of name is done through a set of ascii charecters rather than normal language charecters and appear confusing.

After this takes place, the scam threat sends out messages to all the contacts of the compromised user. This leads to confusion among the contacts which leads to these contacts falling prey to the threat. This leads to the users entering personal information including name, address, credit card number without which the site doesn't close. Even the credit card security code is asked here. After this, the details are obtained by the scam threat which leads to the credit card account also being compromised.

So, the message to facebook users is " Be Extra Vigilant".

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